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Facts not of arms but of love

di Silvia Ceccarelli
Facts not of arms but of love
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In philosophy, ethics deals with all forms of moral, human, legal and political conduct, which makes it possible to identify and then distinguish good actions from bad ones.  In ancient Greece, ethics came under virtues which included temperance, commitment and hard work in occupations that required the person’s physical and intellectual strength. In the spiritual dimension, it rests on the testimony of Christ's word and the idea of ​​one God and Father for all mankind.  Essentially ethics is a sort, as it were, of law of love that, not admitting any disparity or inequality among human beings, instructs them on understanding and accepting fellow men - especially those living in conditions of economic, physical and psychological hardship. In fact, it proposes itself as a commandment, since it dictates to man the rules for working towards the common good, which ensures better living conditions, including full self-determination and unconditional freedom. If it is true therefore that ethics comes jointly with the more strictly moral and human aspects of anthropic behavior, faith is based on the total devotion to God in which we must have full trust, the same trust that man places in his neighbor, since before the Heavenly Father's eyes we are all sons and brothers.

The message from St. Francis which reached the mind and heart of Pope Francis, who on the foundations of the Saint of Assisi sought to rebuild his new evangelical mission, means that faith is not expressed in apparently clear and valuable words but which in fact are sterile, but through deeds, by example, so that man can treasure them and in turn contribute to build, with science and conscience, a culture that puts in the forefront man and his basic needs without ever corroding his personal dignity. This implies, in everyday life, the ability to receive, understand and feel each other's problems, with which we must identify to fully understand the suffering.

It is time - as expressed Pope Francis - to fight the indifference which is the worst of evils, because it prevents man from participating in a common affliction caused most often by human evil or the disruptive, uncontrollable and destructive force of nature which often directs its gaze elsewhere.

Before the battles that we continue to fight every day to fight wars, migration flows, environmental issues and economic issues which have now become irreversible, the one that above all calls into play our faith and our ethical principles, is actually the battle for peace. Anyone who fights for peace, this rainbow that joins Earth with Heaven, that reflects the long bands of color emanated by God, breaking down the walls of hatred and intolerance between different cultures, unhinging the diseased root of power, the use and abuse of money, and the craving to prevaricate against the lowest, will contribute to a better life project for all humanity. We need facts not just words. Facts not of arms, but of love.

Silvia Ceccarelli

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